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3 Healthy Meal Plans to Help You Lose Weight, Not Flavor

3 Healthy Meal Plans to Help You Lose Weight, Not Flavor

If you’re looking to lose weight, increase energy and build muscle without sacrificing taste or portions, we have three delicious and nutritious fitness-focused meal plans for you – Paleo, Ketogenic and Lean & Mean.

Paleolithic Without Foraging Food

Skirt steak with a guava and passion fruit sauce

Eating Paleo can promote weight loss by cutting out specific foods, such as highly processed and refined carbs, dairy, legumes and grains, and helping to consume fewer overall calories while keeping you feeling fuller longer. Satisfying your hunger is achieved through the consumption of lean proteins, vegetables and smaller amounts of fruits and nuts.

Unlike our primitive ancestors, who roamed the land hunting and gathering, we have a more practical, delicious and time-saving approach to our #PaleoPlan.

Our Paleo meals are 100 percent gluten free and packed with lean proteins, like salmon and buffalo, fibrous vegetables and include nuts and seeds for essential fatty acids. Contrary to our stone and club forefathers, our Paleo plan is loaded with mouth-watering flavors to leave you feeling full and satisfied.

The average calorie count in every #FreshPaleo meal is between 300 and 400. If you’re a fitness buff, we have you covered with our #PaleoXL plan – the same delicious food with double the portions of protein to support muscle growth.


Rethink Low-Carb with Ketogenic

Creamy Tuscan chicken meal from our Ketogenic meal planThe #KetogenicDiet – the latest trend in the health and fitness world that overloads the body with healthy fats to trigger a desired metabolic state – is changing how we approach low-carb eating.

While other low-carb plans may encourage dieters to eat unhealthy, yet low-carb, fatty foods, such as bacon or butter, our #KetoFresh plan focusing on eating healthy fats, such as avocadoes, fish and other lean proteins.

When the body is deprived of carbs, it no longer creates glucose for fuel. Instead, eating Ketogenic induces ketosis, which is the increased production of ketones from the liver as an alternative fuel source in place of glycogen. Transitioning from glucose to ketones can help to promote weight loss and increase energy – often with results taking place in as few as 10 days.

Our Keto meals are 70 percent healthy fat, 20 to 25 percent lean protein and 5 to 10 percent healthy carbohydrates. The average caloric count of each #KetoMeal ranges from 500 to 600.


Lean & Mean That Doesn’t Mess Around

Baked white fish meal from Lean & Mean planLow- or no-carb diets are not for everyone looking to get fit. That’s why we’ve developed our #Lean&Mean Fresh plan that is nutritious, delicious and perfect for people looking to transform their body and health at the gym.

Whether you’re an amateur or professional bodybuilder, our Lean & Mean meals pack a punch for weight loss and muscle gain. Lean & Mean was developed by a professional bodybuilder and is comprised of simple, high-quality ingredients for maximum muscle.

Every Lean & Mean meal is 60 to 65 percent lean proteins and 30-35 percent healthy carbohydrates. That’s less than 8 grams of fat per #Fresh serving and designed for serious muscle increase.


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