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4 Reasons Why Cauliflower is a Great Starch & Carb Substitute

4 Reasons Why Cauliflower is a Great Starch & Carb Substitute

We’re blooming with love for all things cauliflower – a great, low-starch vegetable that doubles as a delicious carb substitute. Here’s four reasons why we can’t get enough cauliflower at Fresh.

Super Nutritious

Cauliflower is not only low in calories and carbs, but it’s high in fiber, antioxidants and loaded with several vitamins, including vitamins C, K and B6. It also has blood pressure-friendly omega-3 fatty acids, hair-happy biotin and heart-healthy potassium, among other key nutrients.

Specialty Diet Friendly

Cauliflower is a great vegetable for the Ketogenic and Paleo diets. Whether eaten raw or cooked, this veggie is low-carb, filling and definitely something our ancestors may have eaten.

At Fresh, we love to use cauliflower in many of our healthy prepared meals delivered right to your door. A major fan favorite is our pan-seared Greek Salmon Cake served with roasted cauliflower. The cauliflower is tossed in olive oil, seasoned and oven-roasted until golden brown.

The Perfect Carb Sub

Cauliflower is incredibly versatile! Easily substitute high-carb ingredients, like rice in sushi or potatoes in tater tots, with cauliflower. We absolutely love this Skinny Baked Cauliflower Tots recipe – the perfect swap for greasy fries and traditional tots.

Another craze to hit the foodie circuit is cauliflower steak burgers – a thick cut slice of cauliflower that is marinated, grilled and served on a bun with all the fixings. While regular buns aren’t low-carb, we found a great Paleo- and Keto-friendly bun recipe that is sure to pair deliciously well with a grilled cauliflower steak during barbecue season.

Other great savory dishes you can make with this veggie include Mashed CauliflowerHummus and, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, healthy Cauliflower Crust Pizza.

May Help You Lose Some Weight

Heathline reports that one cup of raw cauliflower has only 25 calories. Keep in mind that any sauces or seasonings added to this hearty vegetable will change your caloric intake. But even raw, cauliflower is tasty and a great, healthy snack.

Because cauliflower is so low in calories, Healthline reports that it may also help you shed a few unwanted pounds.

“As a good source of fiber, cauliflower slows digestion and promotes feelings of fullness,” states Healthline. “This may automatically reduce the number of calories you eat throughout the day, [which is] an important factor in weight control. High water content is another weight loss-friendly aspect of cauliflower. In fact, 92 percent of its weight is made up of water. Consuming lots of water-dense, low-calorie foods is associated with weight loss.”


However you enjoy cauliflower – whether in one of our delicious Fresh meals, as a healthy snack or in a tasty made-at-home recipe – we’re just happy you’re reaping all the great benefits from this cruciferous, nutritious veggie. For more great cauliflower tips from Fresh, follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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