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5 Ways Moms Can Prep for Healthy Back-to-School Days

5 Ways Moms Can Prep for Healthy Back-to-School Days

You saw it coming. You knew that it would come in like the wrecking ball of Hannah Montana’s alter ego. Yet, between the clothing/school supply shopping and dry runs of getting the kids back on a sleeping schedule, there still seems to be more yelps! than prep in your school “daze” routine.

And while we’re all in awe of the dad that creates artwork on his kids’ brown lunch bags (I mean, come on!), the other 99% of parents are still trying to find a rhythm before the Fall TV premieres begin. Below are a few helpful tips to keep your family’s mind, body and souls prepped and healthy so you can watch #ThisIsUs in peace.

Tip #1: Make the Prep a Family Affair

Moms are legend for getting things done better and faster by relying on their biggest superpower: themselves. However, it may be time to consider how your kids can contribute to the family’s routine.

Assigning one to make their own lunch, ordaining a timekeeper, or even a wardrobe/backpack checker (with a list made by you, of course) could reduce significant time in your prep and give them a sense of responsibility.

Tip #2: Make Your Weekend Your WeekStart

How many times have you told yourself, “Tonight, I’ll iron the clothes they will need for tomorrow” or “I’ll buy the poster board on the way home after I pick the kids up from school”? Yeah, that many.

The weekends are a mom’s nanny, assistant and jumper cables all in one. Use it generously. The more you get done on the weekend, the more time you will have to hit the gym or manage those unavoidable, pop-up tasks during the week.

Tip #3: Invest in a Fresh Meal Delivery System

Ask any Mom with a busy schedule what is the most difficult thing to prep for their hectic family life, and 9.5/10 would say, dinner. There is so much pressure for moms to be Instagram-worthy monarchs who keep their families happy, healthy and fed. It can be unnerving.

Fortunately, timesavers like Fresh Meal Plan make it convenient for Moms to have healthy meals delivered right to their door and on time. With seven different types of meal plans available, there is something for everyone to feast on.

Tip #4: Stay in the Know

Everything your kid brings home can become a ticking schedule bomb if you overlook it. The deluge of information that comes in can be overwhelming but taking the extra few minutes to assess how it impacts your child’s well-being, activities, and routine can save you time and money. Specifically, keep track of when big projects are due and incorporate them into your schedule to work on them little by little each day.

Tip #5: Create a ‘Positive Vibes Only’ Environment

Whether it’s bouncing to Kidz Bop Kids’ Uptown Funk or reciting family life affirmations before hitting the morning grind, setting the mood can make or break the day for your kids and you. If you greet the school/work day with the energy of the sloth in Zootopia, your kids will notice. The school year will bring many surprises, twists, and potential mood killers; prepare your household as a zen zone for your family.

Every mom has their secret sauce when it comes to prepping and balancing back-to-school, work and family. We’d love to hear what you would add to this list. Talk to us in the comments below!

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