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Be the change. Become one of today’s most progressive corporations by offering your employees "America's freshest meal plan." Delicious, balanced meals are prepared by a 5-star gourmet chef and delivered right to your office or employees' home.

The Bottom-Line

It’s no secret that healthy eating leads to more productive lifestyles. Increased focus, motivation, morale and positive attitudes are the end-results of the Fresh Meal Plan system. Overall employee health rises, absenteeism decreases and healthcare costs take a successful dive. Splash!

Breakroom Buzz

Work those team-building skills. Whether at a desk, in the lounge, or in a conference room for a lunch meeting, your employees will have access to the freshest selection of eight different meal plans, including popular Paleo and Ketogenic. Watch your team grow healthy and happy while you grow wealthy and wiser.

A Boost for Biz

With an attractive corporate discount, Fresh Meal Plan offers corporate discounts to membership that make it easy for your business to incorporate our convenient, healthy meals into your employee wellness program. Invest in your team at zero cost to you.


Imagine a Workplace Where No Employee
Has a “Case of the Mondays?”

It’s a Fact. Employees are Driven by Incentives.
Incentives Drive Loyalty and Retention.

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“As America’s freshest meal plan, we deliver healthy, balanced meals prepared by a 5-star gourmet chef right to your home or office. We are fitness-focused, and offer 8 different meal plans, including popular Paleo and Ketogenic diet plans, as well as plans for training and bodybuilding.”

- Gold's Gym