About the Program

Our Vegetarian Meal Plan is designed for those who do not eat meat, yet still desire great taste and variety! This plan continues to grow in popularity. With our vegetarian plan you will find foods such as grains, legumes, tofu, bean burgers, veggie burgers, fruit, cheese, eggs, seasonal veggies, and more!

Many vegetarians adopt this style of eating due to certain illnesses, or because of their desire to avoid animal protein. So, let us tailor a plan to your style of eating, as there are many new and innovative ways to go or be vegetarian.

The Vegetarian meal plan features:

  •        meals from 290-350 calories
  •        Legumes, Nuts, Seeds
  •        Fibrous Veggies
  •        Soy Protein
  •        Essential Fats


As with the Traditional program, Vegetarian plan customers achieve weight loss/BMI loss and maintenance, and even lean muscle strength as part of an active lifestyle.

Price: Weekly Vegetarian Meal Plans start in price at $109 per week for 10 meals (lunch & dinner.) That’s less than $11/meal with no grocery shopping or cooking and it’s delivered to your door!

Lookout for our online Nutrition/Macros calculator to track your weekly caloric and macros (protein, fat, carbs) intake!  You can pair this up with your favorite activity tracker and calorie counter.

  • Fibrous
  • Lean
  • Complex

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