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A Fresh Success: Aspiring Bodybuilder Uses Meal Plan to Reach Goals

A Fresh Success: Aspiring Bodybuilder Uses Meal Plan to Reach Goals

Diana Martinez, Sales Manager at Fresh Meal PlanAt first glance, you wouldn’t peg Diana Martinez as someone in her 40s. But in reality, our Fresh Sales Manager is not only honing her body for health and nutrition, but is aiming to participate in a Bodybuilding Master’s Competition for 45 year olds in the summer of 2019.

Prior to joining team Fresh two years ago, competing in a bodybuilding competition was a long-standing goal for Martinez. However, reaching that milestone proved challenging when trying to juggle meal planning, family and work.

“My nutrition was not on point,” said Martinez, a mother of two. “It was very hard to maintain with my time working, trying to get to the gym, cleaning and attending to my family.”

Then two years ago, Martinez’ training took a turn for the better when she joined Fresh Meal Plan as a Sales Manager. She immediately subscribed to the Paleo plan and then eventually transitioned to Lean & Mean, which she now eats six days per week for three meals a day.

“[Lean & Mean] gives me the amount of protein and carbs that I need,” she said. “I am not fond about eating a lot of carbs, so sweet potato and brown rice work perfect for me. And the veggies that the plan contains are the actual veggies that I love.”

After two years with Fresh in her fridge, Martinez is not only well on her way toward the bodybuilding competition next summer, but is now a sponsored athlete with Blackstone Labs, a supplement company geared toward gaining muscle and a new partner of Fresh Meal Plan.

Today, with a devoted customer base of 400-plus, Martinez continually emphasizes that Fresh Meal Plan is not a diet but rather a lifestyle.

“This is a meal plan that is going to give you the opportunity to speed up your metabolism, give you more energy, drop the weight you want to drop and reach your goals,” she said. “It is not about having the best fit body. It’s about having the best healthy body by staying healthy throughout your years and making yourself live longer.”

Martinez emphasized that it’s important Fresh subscribers find a menu that works for their lifestyle. For example, she initially began with the Paleo plan, but switched after two-and-a-half months to Lean & Mean – finding the plan that worked for her long-term goals.

Additionally, Martinez said she finds balance by giving herself one day per week for eating out, family meals or for the occasional cheat day.

For newbies to Fresh, Martinez said the number one concern is, “will the food actually taste good?” Her answer is a definite yes. And while everyone’s preferences are different, she said Fresh Meal Plan offers enough variety that her customers have found plans and menu options they love.

Occasionally, Martinez said customers ask if they can add salt or hot sauce to a meal. While that is certainly an option, she said it is something she advises against.

“You don’t want to make the food saltier,” said Martinez, noting that salt is never added to any Fresh meals. “It comes with its natural ingredients to have that sugar and salt taste.”

Diana Martinez

Consuming enough water and staying hydrated is also something Martinez emphasizes with her customers, especially those working to eliminate sugary drinks.

For individuals who consume lots of soda, for example, Martinez may suggest substituting unsweetened herbal tea in place of the sugary drink until you can phase it out completely.

Herbal tea is also a good alternative for individuals who struggle to drink the recommended eight-to-10 glasses of water per day minimum suggested by the National Institute of Health.

No matter how often customers integrate Fresh into their lifestyle, Martinez said she is committed to regular follow ups – checking on progress, obtaining meal feedback and helping set personal goals.

“I guide customers through the process in making the right choices with the meal plan that will best fit their needs, depending on their goal,” she said.

With new clients, Martinez is well accustomed to receiving positive feedback and results.

“I will hear, ‘I feel more healthier, I feel good, my headaches are gone, my cholesterol is down, my doctor was surprised,’” she said. “This is the positive feedback I’ve been listening to on a daily basis.”

For anyone still on the fence about whether Fresh will work for them, Martinez offers this simple advice.

Rule number one: you first have to want this in order to impact or change your life,” she said. “Secondly, remember that Fresh Meal Plan is not a diet plan; it is a lifestyle. It has taught me and showed me and proved to me that I can make this my daily meal plan. So really, staying healthy and fit would be a lifestyle on a personal level and to everyone.”

For more Martinez Fresh inspiration, you can follow her on Instagram. You can also find more Fresh fitness tips on our InstagramFacebook and Twitter pages.

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