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Back-to-School Meal Planning for the Family

Back-to-School Meal Planning for the Family

The lazy days of summer are over. School has started and so has the delicate dance of balancing family life with school, after school activities and more. Our day starts in a whirl getting everyone fed and off to school on time and ends the same way, making sure homework is done correctly and that our kids are fed, showered and in bed on time.

With all of that and work, when do we find the time to grocery shop and cook a healthy dinner?

As parents, we know how important it is to sit together as a family and have a healthy meal. However, for many busy parents planning dinner 7 days a week on top of coordinating everyone’s schedule can be an additional and overwhelming task.

Fortunately, there are solutions and simple hacks to feed your family. You can plan and meal prep before the start of the school and work week, but then you lose quality family time.

An even better option is to try a meal delivery service. With a service like ours your family can be fed by having healthy meals delivered directly to your door. We provide the perfect weekly meal plan alternative for families that have an active lifestyle.

Even better, the delicious meals are healthy so you and your family can be fit! Our meals are well-balanced, low sodium, and are made with food that’s free of preservative and never frozen or canned. Meals are also served in BPA free containers.

From Paleo to Vegetarian, we offer a robust selection of meal plans suited to any lifestyle. The best part? Variety is never an issue because you get to mix-and-match meals from different base plans.

Get started today! Signing up is easy—just pick your base meal plan, select the quantity of meals you’d like to receive each week, and let us know if any allergies or dislikes that you have. Visit our How it Works page to learn more about our service.

Everything is managed from your online account, you don’t have to leave the couch! So why not try Fresh Meal Plan and have your family be fit, be fed and be fresh.

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