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7 Best Foods to Eat for Healthy Skin

7 Best Foods to Eat for Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is a hot topic these days. From creams and facials to nightly routines and medspas, the quest for achieving beautiful, supple skin has never been more voracious. While aestheticians clamor to fill up their calendars with your hard-earned money, there are very few who will tell you that great skins starts within, and what you eat impacts your skin more than what you put on it.

The aisles of your supermarket hold more skin cures than you may know. Here are seven foods that are scientifically tied to healthier skin.

1. Water
Aside from the other gazillion reasons to drink more water, experts have proven that it helps to keep your skin clean and clear as well. When your body is hydrated properly, you sweat properly, which removes the toxins from your system that keeps you from living your best #nofilter life. The more toxins that are expelled from your body, the more room there is for the nutrients needed for healthy skin.

2. Green tea
Green tea boasts antioxidants or anti-inflammatory properties that reduces redness, fights inflammation, and may reduce the risk of skin cancer. A recent study in the Archives of Dermatology revealed that oral or topical application of green tea has the ability to reduce sun damage, which typically can result in skin cancer, by promoting DNA repair.

3. Salmon (& other fatty fish)
The skin-health properties of salmon and other fatty fish, such as mackerel and herring, are unmatched. Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids are highly regarded for maintaining skin health, and fatty fish is chock-full of them. Not only do they thicken and moisturize your skin, they also protect against skin damage and reduce redness and acne caused by inflammation.

4. Black-, Blue- and Strawberries
Blueberries, blackberries and strawberries are synonymous with high antioxidant content. Eating these delicious snacks can help you avoid free radicals and the damaging sun rays, both of which causes premature aging and pesky pigmentation issues. Antioxidants work wonders to boost your immune system while ensuring your skin is hydrated and wrinkle free.

5. Whole wheat bread & muffins
Whole grain foods, including whole wheat, are well-known for the multiple benefits they provide for the skin. The grains are unrefined and contain all the essential nutrients, like selenium, that contribute to beautiful and healthy skin. Experts say selenium is vital to the health of skin cells. It fights acne, promotes skin elasticity, and protects against sun damage.

6. Avocado
This in-demand, green fruit can be found on almost every restaurant menu (in some form or fashion) with good reason. High in healthy fats, avocados benefit your body in numerous ways, not the least of which being the health of your skin. To keep skin flexible and moisturized, healthy fats are vital to your diet. Avocados have also been linked to protecting your skin against the UV damage that causes wrinkles and other unflattering signs of aging.

7. Dark Chocolate
If you needed another reason to eat dark chocolate, here’s a few. It contains high levels of flavonols, a powerful type of antioxidant which hydrates your skin, making it firmer and more supple. Topical application of chocolate may temporarily reduce skin puffiness because of the caffeine content. And lastly, a study showed eating 20 grams of high-antioxidant dark chocolate per day could strengthen your skin to withstand copious amounts of UV radiation.

These beauty superfoods are just a short list of items that promote healthy skin. Do you use any of these or know the ones we didn’t add? Share in the comments below!

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