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Summer is Here!
Summer is Here!

How to Stay Healthy – Exercise Regularly and Eat Well-Balanced Meals

The temptation of summer lights a fire for healthy eating and exercise. This passion is fueled primarily with the desire to look good in a swimsuit, but a healthful lifestyle is important year-round – no matter what the motivation.

The Benefits of Yoga in your Workout Routine
The Benefits of Yoga in your Workout Routine

Yoga can increase overall strength and flexibility, along with balance and agility. A yoga regimen builds up your core muscles and serves as a recovery mechanism for some of the most celebrated athletes. Whether you are a runner or a professional football player – or just looking for a way to be swimsuit ready this summer – yoga is an amazing outlet.

Weight Training VS Cardiovascular Training
Weight Training VS Cardiovascular Training

With a goal of losing weight, many Americans ask the same question: would weight training or cardiovascular training be more effective? The answer is easy – it’s both! Cardiovascular training and targeted HIIT workouts do burn more calories, which is key to weight loss, but weight training has benefits beyond immediate calorie loss including elevating resting metabolism. This benefit allows your body to continue burning calories for hours or days after the initial workout.

Healthy Eating - Pay Now or Pay Later
Healthy Eating - Pay Now or Pay Later

The foods we eat are vital to our health and wellbeing. Food fuels our body, giving us the nutrients and energy to live our daily lives. While the word diet has taken on a negative, restrictive context over the years, the word in the truest form means “the foods we eat on a regular basis.” It’s easy to see why everyone should eat a healthy diet, so what is preventing the vast majority of the American population from doing so? The answer lies in time and finances.

Easy, Healthy, No-Prep Family Dinner Ideas
Easy, Healthy, No-Prep Family Dinner Ideas

The majority of parents report spending one to two hours per day preparing healthy foods for their family. Time estimates for clean-up fall within these timeframes as well.  A recent article in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine indicated that time spent in preparation, however, might be an essential ingredient in the production of healthier eating habits among adults. But, with today’s busy lifestyles how do you meal prep a healthy family dinner and still get the tasks of the day done? The answer is Fresh Meal Plan.

Healthy Eating Resolution Restart
Healthy Eating Resolution Restart

It’s been 90 days – how is your resolution to stick to healthy eating? Is your summer body ready to hit the beach? If healthy eating and meal prep have yet to become a habit for you in 2019, it’s time for a restart… and Fresh Meal Plan is here to help.

Vegetarian to Vegan - What are the Benefits?
Vegetarian to Vegan - What are the Benefits?

Vegan diets are not a new option, but a lifestyle change that has received a resurgence in recent years. The term vegan was coined by Donald Watson in 1944 when he started the Vegan Society in England. The movement started with vegetarians who refrained from eating eggs and dairy products, but later morphed to include a lifestyle that refrained from exploiting animals.

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