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Healthy Eating Resolution Restart
Healthy Eating Resolution Restart

It’s been 90 days – how is your resolution to stick to healthy eating? Is your summer body ready to hit the beach? If healthy eating and meal prep have yet to become a habit for you in 2019, it’s time for a restart… and Fresh Meal Plan is here to help.

Is Meal Prepping Taking Over Your Life?
Is Meal Prepping Taking Over Your Life?

There are many benefits to healthy eating, but with it comes significant planning and preparation. That’s where meal prepping comes in. Meal prepping can be a healthy tool to ensure that your meals throughout the week are comprised of healthy, fresh ingredients that contribute to your overall healthy diet.

Five Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling This Holiday Season
Five Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling This Holiday Season

For many people, the holiday season offers up the opportunity to replace the rigorous grind of everyday life and routine with gorging on the bountiful happiness and joy provided by family, friends, and yes, food! The challenge of healthy eating and maintaining exercise habits are exacerbated even more for those who travel during the season. With Thanksgiving being the busiest time of the year to travel, you may find yourself in a crunch over how to resist substituting your usual snack of carrots with delicious carrot cake.

Travelers with a relaxed mindset during the months of November and December tend to gain weight and feel unhealthy when they return home. However, your diet and exercise routines don’t have to suffer; many of your healthy habits at home are portable and can (and should) go where you go. Below are some tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling during this holiday season.

Back-to-School Meal Planning for the Family
Back-to-School Meal Planning for the Family

Using a meal plan delivery service like ours can help with planning meals for the entire family!

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