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Bored of Water? Here are 4 Hydration Hacks for Summer

Bored of Water? Here are 4 Hydration Hacks for Summer

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Telling you good hydration is key to a healthy body and mind is nothing new. However, gulping down eight glasses of water per day is a real struggle for some people.

So how else can you stay hydrated without force drinking water?

Mix in Some Milk

Milk, in all forms, is one way to stay hydrated. Aside from the obvious of being a liquid, cow’s milk is fortified with Vitamin D and calcium.

But because not everyone is a fan of dairy, almond and other nut-based milks are fantastic hydrating alternatives to drinking just water. Almond milk, for example, is low in calories, low in sugar (if you get the unsweetened variety) and high in vitamin E and D.

(Almonds are great for so much more than just milk.)


Juice Your Way to Hydration Station

Juice is another obvious form of hydration. Whether fruit or vegetable juice, it can be delightfully tasty, especially in summer. But be warned, depending on the brand, some juices may be loaded with sugar and other additives.

Healthline reports that many juices can be just as unhealthy as soda, even when labeled as 100 percent pure or “not from concentrate.”

“After being squeezed from the fruit, the juice is usually stored in massive oxygen-depleted holding tanks for up to a year before it is packaged,” Healthline states. “The main problem with this method is that it tends to remove most of the flavor, so the manufacturers need to add so-called ‘flavor packs’ to the juice, to bring back the flavor that was lost during processing.”

When in doubt, we recommend either making your own juice at home (if you own a juicer), or buying organic juices that have no preservatives or added sugar.

We recommend trying out JUICERA* – organic, cold-pressed juice, which we sell through our meal delivery service. Choose from a variety of delicious, fresh juices in flavors like Green Power (a delicious blend of cucumber, apple, lemon and many other fresh greens) and Watermelon Fresca (a refreshingly simple blend of watermelon and lemon).


Should You Chug a Sports Drink?

Popular sports drinks, like Gatorade and Powerade, are used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts across the board to not only replace lost water but also vital nutrients and electrolytes. But don’t be fooled, most of these drinks aren’t that healthy.

In just one 20-fluid-ounce bottle of Lemon-Lime Gatorade is a whopping 34 grams of sugar. That’s more than 8 teaspoons of sugar! And while Gatorade may tote other replenishing nutrients, like potassium and sodium, it also has a lot of do-I-really-want-to-know ingredients, such as dextrose (a form of glucose, a.k.a. sugar) and glycerol ester of rosin (a.k.a. glyceryl abietate or ester gum, which is an oil-soluble food additive).

Instead, perhaps indulge in a refreshingly cold cup of coconut water, which is loaded with magnesium, potassium, Vitamin C and other awesome nutrients. Coconut water is also great for heart health and provides antioxidants to your body.


Love Water but Hate the Taste?

When you leave the comfort of your own community and travel to other parts of the country and world, the water can definitely taste different and even downright nasty.

If you want to drink water but hate the taste, a great way to trick your brain is to squeeze some fresh lemon juice into a full glass of water. Without being overly sour or bitter, a touch of fresh-squeezed lemon not only tastes great but can freshen your breath and give you a boost of Vitamin C.

However, we recommend drinking your lemon water with a reusable metal or glass straw, which helps protect the enamel on your teeth.


What are your hydration tricks?

Do you have a hydration hack you love that’s not listed here? If so, we’d love to read it! Tag us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to share your hydration ideas.

*JUICERA is only available in select locations for Fresh Meal Plan subscribers.


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