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Bringing Your Best (Four-Legged) Friend to Work

Bringing Your Best (Four-Legged) Friend to Work

Dogs and cats play a very important role in a pet owner's life. Coming home after a long day of work to a wagging tail is nothing short of comforting. But what if you could take your furry friend to work with you, and never have to say goodbye in the morning? Well, there are now scientific reasons that you and your employer would benefit from bringing a pet to the office.

Reducing Stress

Quite simply, petting an animal has been scientifically proven to reduce stress. The act of stroking, patting, or even light playing reduces blood pressure and makes you feel better mentally by shifting your mind to a more relaxed mode. This relaxed mode translates directly into the way you approach work situations, making it an element in employee well-being. Employee wellness is a key consideration in a healthy, productive work environment, and an easy way to foster an environment that supports wellness is to implement a Bring Your Pet to Work Day—every day!

Achieving That Work-Life Balance

Taking your pet to work typically gives you an excuse to take him or her out to walk around the block, play fetch, or whatever helps your pet (and you) get out and exercise. While exercise alone is known to provide significant physical and mental health benefits (both inside and outside of the office), you can double up on the stress-reducing effects by exercising with your pet! Though it is easy to get sucked into tasks that require you to forgo a short break, having your pet by your side will be a healthy reminder to get up, get out, and take a break both mentally and physically.

You still may be wondering: why are breaks so important to your workflow? According to Psychology Today, breaks can counteract the psychological costs associated with working hard and focusing amidst distractions, thereby improving your work performance and energy. A break with your dog allows you to mentally detach from work and other stressful thoughts, allowing your mind to recharge.

A Better, Brighter Workplace

The benefits of bringing pets to work don't just help the owner stress less—it also supports the well-being of the rest of the office. Pets in the workplace promote team bonding and cooperation, according to a study published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management. That almost always fosters a lighter, more collaborative and compassionate atmosphere, encouraging informal interactions among coworkers. A pet policy at work can lead to stronger, healthier connections between employees. In the end, this leads to better workplace satisfaction as well as more effective communication during work-related activities.

Though there may be skeptics, employers are beginning to understand the value of pets in the workplace. Furry friends in the office can enhance organizational satisfaction and perceptions of support from management. Many employee benefits are costly to an organization, leaving it up to management to choose between work perks that aid in job satisfaction and employee retention. One of the most cost-effective and easiest policies to implement is a pet policy that allows your employees to bring Fido to work!

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