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Challenge Yourself to Health this Summer – Is it Time for a Reset?

Challenge Yourself to Health this Summer – Is it Time for a Reset?

We all love a challenge, right? In a famous psychology study first conducted in the early 1960s, Walter Mischel used marshmallows to tempt 4 to 6-year-old children. He challenged them, telling them they could eat the one marshmallow now, or get two if they waited a few minutes. Then he left the room.

The study showed that humans are pretty flexible, with our success being dependent upon our environment. In other words, it is the way that the problem is presented that can lead to our success. It’s all in a challenge.

In 2016 the Mannequin Challenge swept the nation. It was started by a group of high schoolers, but the challenge was accepted (and filmed, and shared on social media for all to see) by people of all ages and nationalities. This challenge had no obvious point or goal, other than maybe a few extra social media likes, but it caught on and spread like wildfire. According to a recent study, challenges motivate us to achieve our goals, knowing that we have the support of others and that much can be achieved in a short time period.

When it comes to fitness and nutritional goals, a challenge can help to kick-start your activity level and set a precedent for an ongoing lifestyle change. Even a short, six or 12-week challenge can allow you to see results and be a catalyst for transformation. Many people struggle with setting fitness and nutritional goals because they feel they do not have the time to fully invest or meal plan and prep to be successful. Taking it all in small steps helps to show that you have the stamina needed to persevere.

Fresh Meal Plan can help support your nutritional challenge or reset by providing meals that are nutritionally sound and ready to go. Our wide variety of meal plan options allow you to chose what is best for your body – paleo, traditional, vegan, lean and mean, or keto. Each meal is deliciously delivered right to your door, ready to heat-and-eat. See our menus for this week and sign up today!

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