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Easy, Healthy, No-Prep Family Dinner Ideas

Easy, Healthy, No-Prep Family Dinner Ideas

The majority of parents report spending one to two hours per day preparing healthy foods for their family. Time estimates for clean-up fall within these timeframes as well.  A recent article in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine indicated that time spent in preparation, however, might be an essential ingredient in the production of healthier eating habits among adults. But, with today’s busy lifestyles how do you meal prep a healthy family dinner and still get the tasks of the day done? The answer is Fresh Meal Plan.

Fresh Meal Plan now offers a la carte proteins and sides, allowing you to make a family dinner without the prep or clean up. Yes, there are other meal delivery services out there that cater to family dinner options, but Fresh Meal Plan is different. We don’t just give you ingredients and recipes, we give you food – ready to heat and eat for your entire family, taking all the work out of meal prep.

The Family Dinner Project encourages families to commit to four weeks to better family dinners. Research shows that regular family dinners benefit children physically, mentally and emotionally. They increase academic performance, self-esteem, and resilience while lowering risks of substance abuse, depression, teen pregnancy, eating disorders and obesity. But the biggest factor preventing families from gathering around the table is time, and that’s the crack in the mission that Fresh Meal Plan is out to solve.

The new bulk item options are now live on the site and available for home delivery. The small size is made to serve three to four, while the larger option serves six to eight. Fresh Meal Plan takes the “prep” out of family meal prep while still allowing you to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Check us out today to see the variety of items we have available for your family dinners.

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