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Fresh Meal Plan to debut new, recyclable meal shipping boxes this fall

Fresh Meal Plan to debut new, recyclable meal shipping boxes this fall

Fresh Meal Plan delivers fully-prepared and healthy meals right to your door.  For convenience and to ensure freshness, meals arrive chilled in insulated packaging.

Seeking to provide more eco-friendly package protection, Fresh Meal Plan will soon begin using a new, recyclable corn product called Green Cell Plus to insulate meal delivery service boxes.

Green Cell Plus uses three-panel sections of Green Cell Foam and envelops them in a polyethylene film to provide an effective barrier against temperature, moisture and humidity.

Green Cell Plus insulation material is easily recycled and disposed of properly by tearing the film and removing the Green Cell Foam panels. The film may be recycled with other #4 plastics. Green Cell Foam panels can be disposed of in any compost pile, yard waste container or can be dissolved in a sink or bucket of water.

Unlike petroleum-based foams or so-called eco-friendly products that actually contain harmful chemicals, the Green Cell Plus insulation system features unique products are made from cornstarch, providing customers with an eco-conscious, biodegradable alternative to harmful insulation and packaging options.

Our customers already enjoy Fresh Meal Plan recyclable food containers.  Adding Green Cell Plus insulation materials to our packing process means even more pieces of your Fresh Meal Plan meal delivery packages are recyclable.

Fresh Meal Plan promotes a healthy lifestyle by not only providing convenient, healthy, prepared meals, but by also offering packaging that is better for the environment.  Be fit. Be fed. Be fresh. Be eco-friendly.


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