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Healthy Eating Resolution Restart

Healthy Eating Resolution Restart

It’s been 90 days – how is your resolution to stick to healthy eating? Is your summer body ready to hit the beach? If healthy eating and meal prep have yet to become a habit for you in 2019, it’s time for a restart… and Fresh Meal Plan is here to help.

Fresh Meal Plan offers a variety of menu items delivered directly to your door. We take the “prep” out of meal prep, allowing you to get all of the benefits without any of the work or clean up. Our meals are created specifically to meet your personal fitness goals, and we offer a variety of plans to meet your tastes and preferences.

Traditional Meals – Our traditional menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner items that are healthfully balanced with plenty of variety. Each meal is prepared with a full spectrum of nutrients to keep you going, allowing you to meet your fitness and nutritional goals.

Paleo – A paleo diet provides the right protein for muscle building and specific carbohydrates for energy. Get out of your meat and veggie only rut, but still receive the benefits, with Fresh Meal Plan’s creative paleo options.

Keto – Low carb and ketogenic diets are some of the most highly researched nutrition options available. It’s way more than weight loss, ketogenic eating has a variety of health benefits, and our keto specific meals will help you meet your health goals, without the extensive prep work and grocery shopping.

Vegan – Packed with plant based power to keep you going all day long, our vegan meal plan is Fresh Meal Plan’s newest option designed for those who do not consume meat or animal products yet want to ensure they are receiving the right amounts of nutrients, protein, and fat.

Lean and Mean – Our Lean and Mean plans are designed for serious body builders. Low in fat and high in protein, with simple complex carbs for added energy, the Lean and Mean plan is Fresh Meal Plan’s only static menu option.

You can never work out enough to undo a bad diet. If you are serious about your summer body, then you need to get serious about your nutrition. Fresh Meal Plan’s food delivery is quick and easy, you can even order meals across our menu options to best meet your needs. We may already be 90 days in to healthy eating resolutions, but it’s never too late to start. Sign up with Fresh Meal Plan today!

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