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Ditch the Store, Save Time with Fresh Meal Plan

Ditch the Store, Save Time with Fresh Meal Plan

Whether you’re a working professional, a health-focused gym enthusiast or simply struggling to cook for one without wasting food, Fresh Meal Plan is your solution.

Co-Founder and Executive Chef Patrick Delaney said Fresh Meal Plan offers the perfect balance of healthy prepared meals delivered right to your door for individuals, couples or families looking to save time. Whether it’s five, six or seven days a week, Fresh Foodies can choose to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks delivered fresh to their home or office without breaking the bank.

And we never sacrifice flavor!

“We have to make sure the food looks good and tastes good but that it’s still nutritious,” said Delaney, who uses spices and seasonings instead of salt for maximum flavor and nutrition.

Depending on your location, we deliver once or twice per week. Because of this, you have all your freshly-prepared meals at your fingertips for grab-and-go convenience. We also offer flexible delivery times to meet your needs, instead of the other way around.

Simply heat and eat. The only kitchen utensil required is a fork.

Clean-up is a breeze with Fresh Meal Plan because each meal is individually packaged in a recyclable container.

By individually packaging each meal, we ensure the food is perfectly proportioned to your needs. At Fresh, we don’t want to fatten you up, but rather to leave you full and satisfied with nutrient-rich meals – providing lasting, healthy energy throughout the day so you can focus on work, gym, family and friends instead of the scale, grocery shopping and cooking.

We know there’s no magic across-the-board one-size-fits-all meal plan. That’s why we developed eight plans to choose from, including Paleo, Ketogenic, Vegetarian and Lean & Mean. Depending on your needs, our Fresh Meal Plan offerings perfectly mesh into your lifestyle and not the other way around.

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