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Fresh Meal Plan offers five distinct meal plans that are designed with different tastes and nutritional goals in mind. After you select a plan, you’ll get to choose the number of meals you want to receive each week.

Our plans start at 6 meals per week, but we recommend our most popular 10 meal plan. This plan gives you two meals per day, five days per week and starts at $109.

Plan costs increase as you choose additional meals, extra protein, or a la carte items from Fresh+

Once your account is created, you will select your meals from all plans for your first week and every week going forward. If you do not select after your first week our system will assign meals from the menu that week, based on the plan and dislikes you selected during the sign-up process. Your meals will be delivered by hand for Local (South Florida) or shipped via FedEx with a tracking number for every step of the delivery in any other location (We ship to 48 states) every week.

Each week you will have access to brand new menus and the ability to select from all of our meal plans. Don’t forget to check the Fresh+ area for bulk items, side dishes and yummy desserts to add each week! If you ever need to modify your subscription or freeze your account, make sure to do so before the upcoming week’s deadline.

It’s easy! Simply click “Sign Up” and follow the steps. You will select your meals for your first week, select your preferences for future weeks and you are ready to receive your first shipment! Download the app to access and manage your future orders.

Our plans start at $72.00/week for 6 meals, although our most popular plan is 10 meals per week for $109.00. Plan costs increase as you choose additional meals, extra protein, or a la carte items.

The continental U.S.

National – The menu is available Wednesday at 12pm and closes Sunday 12pm EST.

Local – the menu is available Saturday at 12pm and closes Wednesday at 11:59pm EST.

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