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We post a new menu every week with a variety of Fresh, delicious meals. You can choose meals across our 6 menus—great variety for your selection. After your first order, if you don’t select your meals for a given week, you’ll receive “the chef’s choice” selections, excluding any dislikes you’ve noted in your account.



The ultimate in time-saving convenience, your fully-prepared, healthy meals are delivered right to your door. You’ll receive your Fresh delivery every week, unless you freeze your account.

South Florida deliveries Sunday & Wednesday nights
National deliveries arrive by Saturday



Meals arrive chilled in insulated packaging, for easy transfer to your refrigerator. When it’s time to eat, just crack the seal and heat in the microwave. Meals are in microwave safe, recyclable containers.


If you don’t see the answers you need, contact us at 561-330-4345

Fresh Meal Plan is a meal plan delivery service that delivers fresh prepared meals straight from our kitchen right to your door. Our meals are fresh, never frozen and contain balanced proteins, vegetables and complex carbohydrates that are catered to your specific needs. Co-founded by a body-building fitness enthusiast and a CIA-trained chef, Fresh Meal Plan offers fully cooked meals that simply need to be reheated and are ready to serve.

We take the time for planning, shopping, and prep out of your week. Already, you’ve got more time to work out, train, or just keep up with your active lifestyle.

Once your account is created, you will select your meals from all plans for your first week and every week going forward. If you do not select after your first week our system will assign meals from the menu that week, based on the plan and dislikes you selected during the sign-up process.

Your meals will be delivered by hand for Local (South Florida) or shipped via FedEx with a tracking number for every step of the delivery in any other location (We ship to 48 states) every week.

Each week you will have access to brand new menus and ability to select from all of our meal plans. Don’t forget to check the Fresh Plus area for bulk items, side dishes and yummy desserts to add each week!

If you ever need to modify your subscription or freeze your account, make sure to do so before the upcoming week’s deadline.

Our plans start at $72 for 6 meals a week, but we recommend our most popular 10 meal plan.

It’s easy! Simply click “Sign Up” and follow the steps. You will select your meals for your first week, select your preferences for future weeks and you are ready to receive your first shipment! Download the app to access and manage your future orders.

The continental U.S.

National – The menu is available Wednesday at 12pm and closes Sunday 12pm EST.

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