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How Our Meal Plan Delivery Service Works - Part 1

How Our Meal Plan Delivery Service Works - Part 1

How does Fresh Meal Plan work for you? It’s simple, really. We do the shopping, prep work, cooking, plating and delivery. All you have to do is heat (if needed) and eat!

Behind the scenes, there’s a bit more legwork involved. Our goal to prepare fresh, healthy food means we have to plan ahead. Because we cater to eight different dietary blueprints, we need to ensure accurate portions as well a specific ratio of protein, healthy carbs and fats.

Before any food arrives in our kitchen, we’re scouting out the freshest ingredients while researching new and exciting recipes. Prior to posting your fresh food selections each week, we’re testing recipes for ourselves to ensure we’re providing you a delicious array of healthy meals down to the last bite.

Every week we offer new and exciting meals. But for those who have their absolute faves, we also keep our best-sellers on our menus every week. But consistency doesn’t mean old. We ensure a fresh batch of ingredients each week for our new and long-standing recipes.

Beyond three healthy meals a day, we also prepare a wide variety of healthy snacks – because we know snacking is a normal, everyday thing. So why should you feel guilty for snacking?

We’ve carefully crafted some amazing snack recipes that are entirely guilt-free, such as our PB&J Parfait, which is packed with protein and vitamin C, and our Paleo Brownies, which is a delicious blend of bananas, honey and coconut milk.

After you sign up for the Fresh plan that works for you, we’ll bill you on a weekly basis after each order. If you don’t have time to pick your meals each week, we’ll choose for you based on your dietary needs and preferences. On top of that, you tell us when you want your food delivered – whether in the middle of the night, morning or if you’d prefer to pick it up.

All of our meals are packaged in microwave-safe recyclable plastic containers and delivered in insulated cooler bags with recyclable ice packs. The ice packs are yours to keep, but the cooler bags should be left out for pickup during your next delivery.

All deliveries are handled by an experienced shipping service that specializes in perishable goods – allowing you to track your shipment from the moment it leaves our kitchen.

Coming up, How it Works Part 2 – Submitting an Order.

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