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Diet: The Four Letter Word & How to Make it Sustainable

Diet: The Four Letter Word & How to Make it Sustainable

The word, “diet”, offers a range of gut reactions (pun intended), depending on who you ask. While it is a derivative from the Greek word “diaita,” which means “way of life”, for most people, it means following a restrictive food plan to lose or manage weight. This skewed perception may account for why a large portion of the world’s population’s relationship to food is complicated and has undergone many mutations.

To enjoy healthy living, a diet should be a lifestyle, not the length of a Snapchat story cycle. Your diet doesn’t necessarily mean completely banning pasta, ice cream or your favorite food. Instead, it should be about absorbing a mix of nutrient-packed foods. Here are a few ways to own this four letter word and develop a sustainable lifestyle that’s right for you.

Change Your Perception
If you’re reading this, then you probably have viewed food as both a curse and cure over your lifetime--especially in the age of social media. Hashtags abound for the best #foodenvy photos, waging a frantic war for those who already don’t have a healthy view of food. Removing the chasm between your perception of healthy and unhealthy foods will jumpstart your health journey and keep you on the right track.

Stay Balanced
Somewhere between the South Beach diet and the Keto diet, we lost our healthy relationship to food. The idea and activity surrounding food has morphed from it being a necessity and a pleasure to it being a threat and a punishment. By simply eating more foods that help promote health and fewer foods that help promote disease, your diet will improve dramatically. Everything else will balance itself out.

Eat To Feel Good
When did you first discover that eating tons of sugar and bread leaves you feeling bloated and unsatisfied? Now, think about how much happier you are when you balance these items with fresh fruits and veggies. Eating to feel good, whether that means a simple salad or a tasty veggies and salmon dinner shared with family, makes life more satisfying and your body less prone to disappoint you.

So what can you do when you’re faced with the decision of how to sustain a healthy diet? At Fresh Meal Plan, we take the guesswork out so you can go about living the full, satisfying life you were meant to live. Try any one of our seven, perfectly portioned meal plans and discover why diet is just a four letter word.

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