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Don’t Let Your Busy Schedule Stall Your Weight-Loss Goals

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60 - 70% of the Way You Look is Your Diet:

Get knockout results from the one-two combo
of Fresh Meal Plan & iLoveKickboxing!

Fresh Meal Plan Is Craveable!

“The time-smashing, no hassle, restaurant quality food they offer looks catered and stays fresh for a full week due to their heat-sealed packaging. Which is also safer than packaging held with glue or tape.

I’m almost at the same weight I was in high school and have more time for personal development than before.

The freshness of the food is mind-blowing! It gives me one less thing to worry about in my week knowing I have healthy meals waiting for me, always.”

-Michael Parrella, CEO of iLoveKickboxing


Choose Your Mouth Watering Meals

Sensuous options of antibiotic-free & hormone-free meats, farm-to-table vegetables, and specialized diet plans - such as Keto, Paleo, and Vegetarian options - change weekly, ensuring you always have drool-worthy fuel for your active lifestyle.


Delivered Directly
To You

The ultimate in time-saving convenience, your fully-prepared meals are delivered right to your door. The average meal prepper spends 20+ hours per month organizing, cooking, and shopping for food - imagine the freedom, extra personal time, and relief knowing balanced meals are always waiting for you.


Kickbox. Feast! To You

Meals arrive chilled in heat-sealed packaging, ensuring freshness for an entire week! Just pop your meals into your fridge. After working up a mean hunger wailing on your heavy bag, heat, serve, and go! Visually stunning, tasty food for your active lifestyle.

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