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Incorporating Mindful Eating to Improve Portion Control & More

 Incorporating Mindful Eating to Improve Portion Control & More

Mindfulness is the ability and the practice of becoming and remaining fully present to our lives in every moment. It's mindfulness which allows us to break habits and make healthy changes for a more present and attentive life. Increasingly, this idea of mindfulness has been championed by nutrition experts to transform the way our mind relates to food.

Your brain plays an important role in how and what you eat. I know, duh, right? But really, when you eat high-fat and high-sugar meals, your brain rewards you by releasing the hormones, dopamine and adrenaline. It reacts the same way to unhealthy foods as it does to other drugs like alcohol and heroin. Because, insert another duh moment, food can become addictive like a drug.

As you crave unhealthy foods, you become conditioned to eat more food overall to satisfy these cravings. In time, you can become less thoughtful about the foods you eat as a result. It’s through the practice of mindful eating that you can become more wakeful to your food choices and improve portion control.

What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating means being aware of each bite you eat, so that you consciously taste more and eat less. What do you think about when you eat? What’s on tomorrow’s schedule, whether you packed your work or gym bag, or the show you’re watching more than likely enter your thoughts. However, when you stay present and notice the aroma or savor the sensations which accompany your meal, you typically will:

● Heavily reduce your food portions
● Refrain from stress eating
● Quickly acknowledge when you’re satiated
● Stop eating once you’re full

How Can Mindful Eating Help Me?

Overeating is one of the main proponents of weight gain. Without self-control, there is no portion control. That’s why meal delivery services like Fresh Meal Plan provides perfectly portioned meals to help you avoid overeating. Among the primary benefit of portion control, there are many other benefits to incorporating mindful eating in your personal health journey. For example:

● It can lead to a variety of positive and lasting change in many other areas of your life.
● Food becomes enjoyable again, instead of a guilt-ridden foray into the abyss.
● Mindful eating makes you slow down. You give your brain time to hear and respond to the signals of being full, which can then lead to maintaining a healthier weight.
● Your food is digested better and more fully. Mindful eating can help you avoid the gas, bloating, and discomfort that comes from overeating.
● Mindfulness also helps you focus on where your food comes from. Imagining that your food came from a garden instead of a corral might help you buy healthier foods. Just saying.

Mindful eating is a highly nourishing approach to health care that empowers and enables you to manifest greater peace and wellness. Incorporating mindful eating into your life will eventually allow you to create a more balanced and satisfying relationship with food. Have you or will you practice mindful eating? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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