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Is Meal Prepping Taking Over Your Life?

Is Meal Prepping Taking Over Your Life?

There are many benefits to healthy eating, but with it comes significant planning and preparation. That’s where meal prepping comes in. Meal prepping can be a healthy tool to ensure that your meals throughout the week are comprised of healthy, fresh ingredients that contribute to your overall healthy diet.

Healthy Ingredients, Healthy Choices

What are the benefits of making your meals in advance? Meal prepping can help you ensure that you’re adding enough nourishing foods to your diet, including healthy protein and fats, fruits, and vegetables. Another key contributor to healthy eating is portion control. By planning out what meals you’ll be eating and pre-packaging your food into portions for the week, you are able to control your portions when you’re in the mindset of healthy eating, rather than in the moment when you are hungry.

Besides portion control, the actual substance of your meals plays a vital role in a successful, healthy diet. You're more likely to reach for a healthy option when it is already pre-made, asking for only a few minutes of your time to heat and serve the meal. When you’re strapped for time, it’s likely that, with no meal prep done ahead of time, you will reach for a quick fast food meal or takeout, often leaving the healthy ingredients out of the equation.

Quick, Delicious, and Convenient

According to an article published in Harvard’s School of Public Health, “a busy schedule is one of the top reasons why people choose quick takeout meals, which are often calorie-laden and a contributor to expanding waistlines.”

It’s probably happened more than once: you stay late at work, heading home to a fridge full of ingredients but without the energy to put anything healthy together. So instead, you opt for a boxed meal in your pantry or ordering delivery once again. With the help of meal prep, however, you can reach for a healthy meal that takes only minutes to put together.

Having premade meals during a busy week can also aid in reducing stress, avoiding last-minute decisions about what to eat and how to prepare it. Not to mention that some meals—dinners especially—can be subject to decision fatigue, an element of timing that affects your willpower and ability to make practical decisions. That is particularly the case after a long day of work, where physical and mental fatigue can affect the decision to make a healthy meal rather than choose an option that is less than nutritious.

Beyond all that, meal prep can also open up time throughout your day. By allowing you to avoid sifting through recipes every night, stopping by the grocery store, and washing dishes, it can free up time in your day to add a little extra exercise into your routine.

Overall, meal prepping can provide significant benefits to your health and wellness goals, and with the help of Fresh Meal Plan, meal prepping can become even easier. Fresh Meal Plan does the work for you, offering a wide variety of meal choices, so you're never left wondering what's for dinner. Your Sundays are meant for relaxing before a week of work, not scouring over recipes, grocery shopping, and cooking. Sign up now to start receiving healthy delicious meals delivered right to your doorstep!

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