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Keeping Foods Fresh: An Interview with Head Chef Patrick Delaney

Keeping Foods Fresh: An Interview with Head Chef Patrick Delaney

“Fresh Meal Plan” is more than just a name. It’s our promise to you.

Fresh Meal Plan Head Chef, Patrick DelaneyFrom the moment ingredients arrive to our kitchen and all the way through preparation, packaging and delivery, the food in every FMP meal is delicious, nutritious and fresh.

To maintain our high standards of freshness, we deliver to every customer once or twice per week, depending on their location – setting them up for fresh food all week long.

“Most people are on a five-day, two-meal-a-day plan,” said Co-Founder and Executive Chef Patrick Delaney.

If you get your food Sunday night or Monday morning, depending on your location, that means the food at your door was prepared fresh Saturday. And because it’s precooked for you, it stays fresh in your fridge for several days until your next delivery.

To provide you the freshest food possible, Delaney, a chef with an extensive background, said it’s important to know what meals on production day are cooked first and last.

For example, the fish, which is always wild-caught, is prepared last, he said.

In addition to knowing when to cook what foods, Delaney said a huge amount of planning and preparation takes place leading up to each production day – ensuring freshness for each meal.

“We have 46 people in the kitchen right now and it takes every one of us to make sure that the food stays fresh,” he said. “We have a system down pretty well.”

After the chefs cook each meal, another team plates the food for the thousands of Fresh foodies who consume the ready-to-eat dishes. After plating, the meals are sealed, labeled and stored in refrigerated coolers until it’s time for packaging each individual delivery.

FMP never freezes food once it’s prepared. In fact, each delivery is packaged in cooler bags to keep your food at a perfect temperature to prevent spoiling or freezing during transport.

“Quality, quality, quality,” said Delaney. “I’m crazy when it comes to quality. That’s one of the things that’s made me successful.”
Although Fresh fans can freeze meals at their discretion, Delaney advises against it.

Once packaging is complete, FMP’s in-house delivery team gets to work in Florida while also utilizing PeriShip – an overnight FedEx service specializing in the delivery of perishable foods.

When food is prepared Saturday, FMP customers outside Florida will then receive their freshly-cooked meals Sunday evening or Monday morning, depending on the distance.

In the end, Delaney said freshness comes down to one key point.

“It’s really just about producing and packaging the food as close to delivery as possible, which we really strive to do,” he said. “That’s the words right there.”

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