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Meal delivery services make life easier!

Meal delivery services make life easier!

Life is busy. Our to-do lists are filled with work meetings, family obligations, sporting events, children’s activities, gym visits and other assorted to-dos. Eating healthy is so important, but grocery shopping, ingredient chopping, food cooking, kitchen cleaning and meal preparation take up valuable time. According to the USDA, Americans currently spend more than 35 minutes a day preparing meals.  That number is only slightly lower for younger adults, and it’s significantly higher for those over 65.

For busy individuals, couples and families, fast food is certainly a time saving option. Fast food purchases can save you up to 30 minutes of meal preparation time.  But we all know that most fast food options while quick are not very healthy.  So how can you save time and enjoy delicious yet healthy meals at home? There are other options besides stopping for fast food or having UberEats pick up your favorite restaurant food order and dropping it by your apartment. Consider a full meal delivery service! Meal delivery services make it easier to eat healthy food at home by delivering completely prepared meals to your home.  Meal delivery services can be customized to suit your lifestyle, dietary preferences, number of people in your household and much more.

Meal delivery services have been gaining in popularity since they debuted in 2002.  Meal delivery services are now a $400 million market that is project to increase tenfold in the next five years.

So why do you need a meal delivery service?

A meal delivery service saves time and effort:

There are many meal delivery service options that provide a full kit of menu ingredients and instructions that require you to complete the assembly of the ingredients and bake or finish cooking or preparing the items.   These “ingredients included” meal kit options do take some of the stress of meal prep – eliminating the endless grocery lists and recipe hunting – but some time-consuming ingredient assembly and meal preparation, not to mention cleaning is still required by the end user.  But what if there was an easier way…an even better time-saving solution?  What if you could get a complete week of meals delivered right to your door? Forget the list making, planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning…complete and ready-to-eat meal delivery services are the ultimate in time-saving convenience. Fully-prepared meal service Fresh Meal Plan does all the work for you. Delivering fully-prepared, healthy meals from your choice of menu plans straight to your door, Fresh Meal Plan saves you time while providing delicious and healthy meal options to suit your lifestyle and schedule. Meal delivery services make it very easy to enjoy delicious, nutritious and high-quality meals with very little effort on your part.

A meal delivery service helps you eliminate trash and food waste:

Did you know that Americans discard more than $165 billion in food annually?  How many times have you selected a bounty of fresh produce from the market, only to have it languish and spoil in the back of your refrigerator?  Or perhaps you have some carefully selected boxes and cans of staple items that have been hidden and forgotten in your pantry until well past the expiration date?  And what about those mystery leftovers in the refrigerator that no one wants to eat? Meal delivery services help you avoid the trash and food waste issues that can occur when grocery shopping and home meal prep goes awry.  When you order breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack foods from a meal delivery service, the foods are pre-portioned to serve the exactly number of people you select when placing your order. And meals are usually packaged in eco-friendly packaging that can be recycled.  Although it may seem like there is a lot of packaging with individual meal containers, meal delivery coolers and other wrapping, most of it is biodegradable, recyclable or reusable.

A meal delivery service helps you save money:

At first glance, you might think that meal delivery services are expensive. But remember, you won’t be spending that amount of money on top of the money you are currently spending at the market or on grocery delivery each week. You’ll be spending that money instead of the money you spend at the market or on grocery delivery. Quality meats, fruits, vegetables and other ingredients can actually be quite expensive at your local market.  Many meal delivery services have relationships with a variety of quality food providers to source superior ingredients that go into the meals they prepare for you. This means you will end up enjoying meals with quality ingredients at a fraction of what it would have cost if you had worked to prepare it yourself. And don’t forget that most meal delivery services have specials, referral programs and introductory offers that can help you earn additional dollars off your next meal delivery order.

A meal delivery service can be customized to match your schedule:

Are you following an intermittent fasting program and only need two meals per day? Will you be on vacation next week and not need meal delivery at all?  Would you like only dinners delivered one week and only breakfast and snack options delivered the following week due to a full calendar of business lunches, sporting events or other scheduling intricacies? Did you decide that you would rather try a paleo eating plan instead of the keto nutrition approach? Meal delivery services are extremely flexible, and their menus can be customized to include foods that best meet your needs. Delivery can even be suspended for periods of time, if needed. However, it is important to remember that with any meal delivery service, you will need to log into your account regularly to select meals or suspend service, if needed.  If you don’t periodically select the meals that interest you, delivery services will often choose items for you, sending “chef’s choice” for your next round of meals. 

A meal delivery service helps with specialized eating plans:

Did you know that there are meal delivery services that specialize in carefully-researched meals that fit with some of today’s most popular eating plans? This means you won’t have to go through the process of reading labels at the grocery store or doing research online. The ingredients in specialized meal delivery service meals mean that the food you receive is guaranteed to fit your dietary needs – no need for second-guessing. These specialized meals are reviewed by nutrition experts to ensure that they contain the nutrients you need and none of the ingredients you’re trying to avoid. Whether you enjoy traditional meals or are exploring the world of paleo, keto or vegan eating, there are meal delivery solutions available for you, which takes the stress out of ensuring that all ingredients are meal plan compliant. Imagine vegan meal delivery straight to your door such as apple walnut pancakes, sweet potato grain bowl, Kung Pao vegetables with rice noodles, Tuscan pasta or picadillo…all perfectly portioned and completely vegan. Or what about paleo meal delivery straight to your door featuring meals such as biscuits and gravy, Tex Mex scramble, island pork tenderloin, grilled rosemary pork, turkey chili or cinnamon pancakes? And what about keto meal delivery of delicious, fully-prepared foods such as Mediterranean breakfast roll up, fresh sausage breakfast casserole, pistachio chicken zucchini, chicken Milanese, sweet and sour turkey meatballs and more. Forget the complicated grocery lists and the expansive list of meals for dinner…meal delivery services have a variety of healthy and delicious options.

A meal delivery service can help with weight loss:

Research indicates that roughly 75 percent of a person’s fitness gains are attributed to what they eat.  When you use a meal delivery service to provide some or all of your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack foods, you have automatic portion control with your meals, and depending upon your chosen meal plan, you will enjoy foods that are not only delicious, but nutrient dense and tailored for a specific kind of eating plan.  Whether you enjoy traditional foods, or paleo, keto, vegan or other eating plans, meal delivery services can help you achieve your weight loss goals. And many meal delivery service options list individual meal calories and grams of macronutrients like protein, fat and carbohydrates on their website when you order, ensuring that you know exact what you’re getting with each portion of food.

A meal delivery service allows you to try new foods:

Meal delivery boxes allow you to try a wide variety of unique foods that you might not otherwise taste.  All meal delivery services publish their current menu from which you can select foods. Meal delivery services offer a variety of selections each week, and most services rotate menus periodically so customers have the opportunity to try different meals within each offered eating plan. Ingredients for each meal are listed, so you know exactly what you’re getting with each meal you order. Meal delivery services include healthy and delicious options like Moroccan chicken stew, chicken jambalaya, Argentine steak, bison burger, lemon dill roasted salmon, chicken ratatouille, vegetable and bacon fritters, pina colada overnight oats, jackfruit and guava, eggplant roulade and so much more.  Most meal delivery services allow you to customize menus to your taste, and it’s nice to have the opportunity to add fun, new food options to your weekly delivery.  Some services offer vegan, keto, paleo and other meal plan-specific foods for variety eating plans and dietary concerns. This is also helpful if your family members prefer different foods or a different eating plan that you do…meal delivery services offer you the opportunity to order different foods for different members of your household…so everyone is fed and happy.

A meal delivery service leads to healthier eating:

Making healthier food choices can be time consuming and overwhelming when you consider all of the hours that can be spent researching the latest methods and best practices for healthy eating. But delegating some or all of your food budget to a meal delivery service instead of traditional grocery shopping, online grocery orders, fast food runs or the convenient nearby vending machine, you will be making better food choices overall.  Most meal delivery services feature a variety of very healthy food choices that have been carefully researched by chefs and teams of nutrition experts. Whether you opting for a specialized eating plan – like a lean and mean high protein plan designed for body builders and those who exercise very frequently – or you’ve chosen a more traditional eating plan, these pre-prepared and delivered meals available through meal services frequently feature fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, grains and quality meats, which means better and healthier food options than the foods available via the local fast-food drive thru. Complete meal delivery service meals mean that your meals contain the essential nutrients that your body needs.  Carefully portioned protein, fats and carbs can help you burn calories more efficiently and help you build muscle. Meal delivery service chefs and nutrition gurus have perfected the finer points healthy eating and fit lifestyles, and you can benefit from their expertise.

A meal delivery service keeps you out of the grocery store:

In addition to keeping you out of the grocery store because you don’t have to worry about meal ingredients and meal prep, staying out of the store means you don’t bring home unhealthy or high-calorie treats. Grocery stores are filled with aisles of temptations: candy bars, chips, ice cream and so much more.  And if you go to the store when you are hungry, you never know what’s going to end up in your grocery cart.  Meal delivery services naturally limit how often you go to the grocery store or order groceries online because all of the shopping and meal prep is already done for you.  The fewer times you get groceries, the fewer times each week you are tempted by the goodies in the grocery store. This saves you time, money and calories!

A meal delivery service utilizes superior ingredients:

If you head to the market to purchase grass fed beef, wild caught salmon, jackfruit, guava, eggplant and ground bison, your bill is going to add up in a hurry. And while the recipes for meals containing these foods may sound intriguing and delicious, you may not have the time or expertise to prepare these foods the correct way with the desired result.  Meal delivery companies are able to source these and other unique and high quality ingredients from partner vendors, ensuring that you are able to enjoy delicious, farm-to-table meals for a fraction of the cost if you had prepared them yourself. Meals also may contain delicious and exceptional ingredients that are not available to you locally where you live, but are available to meal delivery service chefs who have a different kind of food purchasing power. And those meals are prepared fresh and delivered straight to your door within a very short window of time. Meals arrive chilled in insulated packaging for easy transfer to the refrigerator. When it’s time to eat, simply choose from your array of delicious options, heat and enjoy your fresh meal.

A meal delivery service may have bulk food options:

Some meal delivery services allow you to order single-serve meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, but they also offer bulk, family-style portions of some products. This allows you to order larger portions of proteins like grilled chicken breasts, grass fed bison burgers and pulled pork, large entrees such as keto lasagna, tuna salad or chicken salad, and unique sides such as mashed sweet potatoes, sautéed Brussels sprouts and quinoa salad in bulk to add to your own meals or create family style dinners. Snack items such as peanut butter chia power bites and specialized desserts like keto cookies, paleo brownies and other treats are also available. Larger portions of these unique items can supplement your weekly meal delivery and regular grocery shopping, again saving you time and money while ensuring quality, delicious ingredients.

A meal delivery service allows you to give gifts with ease:

If a friend or family member has recently experienced a loss, had a new baby, or moved to a new home, you may wish to gift them with food to make their challenging days a little easier.  Instead of planning, shopping, cooking and delivering a meal yourself, consider ordering a meal or series of meals from a meal delivery service.  You can customize the meals delivery to suit their food preferences, family size, delivery needs and current situation. If you are nervous about selecting meals and unsure about meal delivery times for a friend or family member, gift cards are also available for many meal delivery services, too.

A meal delivery service allows you to enjoy your kitchen – but only when you want to:

Even those who enjoy cooking and food preparation find that having enough time to plan and prepare well-thought-out, delicious and nutritious meals takes quite a bit of time.  If you do utilize a meal delivery service, it can save you time and money while ensuring you eat healthy foods.  Then when you do choose to head to the kitchen to prepare a holiday treat or special meal for friends or loved ones, it will be a special, intentional time, not a stressful dinnertime rush. Cooking can be a great stress reliever, and it can give you to the opportunity to learn something new. But by using a meal delivery service for some of your meals and cooking special treats at select time, you can have the best of both worlds.  Convenient, healthy delivered meals for times when life is busy and you need a delicious and health meal immediately…and home-prepared foods for special occasions and those days when you have a little bit more time to relax and do some cooking at home.

Even for those who enjoy cooking and meal prep, busy schedules sometimes simply don’t allow us to spend the time in the kitchen needed to prepare healthy meals.  And if you’re following a specific eating plan, such as paleo, keto or vegan, meal prep can be even more complicated and time-consuming.  But Fresh Meal Plan’s fully-prepared meals make healthy eating easy.  With Fresh Meal Plan’s complete meal delivery service, food arrives cooked and ready to eat. Meals are delivered to your door and arrived chilled in insulated packaging. You can heat and eat immediately or store meals in refrigerator to enjoy as your schedule requires.

Whether you’re single, a couple or a family with several children, everyone knows that taking the time to sit down with family or friends for a meal is important.  A time of fellowship and conversation, meals allow us time to reconnect with others in between the gym visits, doctor’s appointments, business meetings, homework, sporting events and other activities. When time is short and you are under extreme stress, it can be tempting to hit the fast food drive thru or eat a bowl of cold cereal just to make it through another day.

Make intentional meals times and healthy eating part of your daily life – no matter how busy you are – with the convenience of a fully-prepared meal delivery service.  There are meal delivery services available for all lifestyles, diets and budgets.  Combining a meal delivery service and market visits or grocery delivery to best suit the needs of your family means that no one has to have cereal for dinner…unless they really want to.

The best prepared meal delivery service available, Fresh Meal Plan offers complete meal solutions help you add some precious time back into your day for the things that matter most. Take the guesswork out of healthy eating and always have an answer to the never-ending question “what’s for dinner?” by using the Fresh Meal Plan fully-prepared meal delivery service.

Are you interested in seeking what kinds of food Fresh Meal Plan has to offer? Explore our menu options today! Are you ready to schedule your first delivery? Sign up now!

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