The Traditional Program is inspired by the concept of well-balanced meals. What does a well-balanced meal consist of? Lean Proteins for muscle restoration, complex carbohydrates for energy, and fibrous vegetables for your metabolism.This plan can be used for maintenance, weight loss, and in some cases, for weight gain. This plan offers great variety and always keeps the consumer excited for their next meal. Our meals are never frozen and are very low in sodium – with all spices and herbs being added for flavor only.This is the flagship meal plan. Designed from the ground up to be delicious, yet great for you!

• Every meal is 500 calories or less
• Consists of a protein
• Fibrous vegetable
• Complex carbohydrate

The Paleo or Paleolithic style of eating brings us back to our roots as Hunters & Gatherers. This plan consists of lean proteins, very few complex carbohydrates, fruits, nuts, seeds and essential fatty acids such as: salmon, nuts, avocado, et al. Archeological and Anthropological data indicates that our ancestors were free of cancers, heart disease and autoimmune diseases mainly because of their diet. Our Paleo plan is free of legumes, grains, and dairy – all of which are the major differences between this and our Traditional Plan.

• Every meal is 325-425 calories
• Consists of lean proteins
• High in fibrous vegetables
• Essential Fats

We now offer vegetarian meal plans! This specialty meal plan is designed for those who do not eat meat, yet still desire great taste and variety! This plan continues to grow in popularity due to high demand and because of the limited amount of restaurants that don’t cater to our very important vegetarian clients. With our vegetarian plan you will find foods such as grains, legumes, tofu, bean burgers, veggie burgers, fruit, cheese, eggs, seasonal veggies, and more!

Many vegetarians adopt this style of eating due to certain illnesses, or because of their desire to avoid animal protein. So, let us tailor a plan to your style of eating, as there are many new and innovative ways to go or be vegetarian.

• Every meal is 290-350 calories
• Legumes, Nuts, Seeds
• Fibrous Veggies
• Soy Protein
• Essential Fats

 Geared towards high performance athletes seeking large protein portions to sustain intense and rigorous training without compromising the body. A consistent weekly menu with very little deviation from simple foods and ingredients. Contest prep is utilized for amateur and professional level competitive male and female bodybuilders.   Our NEWEST Signature plan offers the most seasonally caught wild fish, ALL Organic Poultry, Grass-fed fine cuts of meat, along with rare ancient grains, and the rarest farm to table vegetables. A high end dining experience exquisitely produced just for you.  Catering to the beloved vegans who do not have many options for an on the go lifestyle of eating, Fresh Meal Plan is here to create the best options of life giving plant food to sustain a healthy, well balanced diet.