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Paleo XL

The Paleo XL Meal Plan is the Paleo Menu geared toward sports performance and athletes seeking larger protein portions and carbohydrates to sustain intense and rigorous training without compromising the body.  Like the Paleo menu, it is free of legumes, grains and dairy. 

  •        gluten free
  •        450-600 calories with lean proteins (e.g., salmon), nuts, & seeds providing essential fatty acids
  •        high in fibrous vegetables & low in complex carbohydrates
  •        low in sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat
  •        without artificial additives or preservatives and have no added sugar
  •        never frozen or canned

Lookout for our online Nutrition/Macros calculator to track your weekly caloric and macros (protein, fat, carbs) intake!  You can pair this up with your favorite activity tracker and calorie counter.

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Argentine Steak

682 Calories, 72g Protein, 31g Carbs, 30g Fats

Blueberry French Toast

611 Calories, 46g Protein, 19g Carbs, 39g Fats

Chicken Ratatouille

560 Calories, 53g Protein, 15g Carbs, 32g Fats

Chicken Stirfry

553 Calories, 71g Protein, 29g Carbs, 17g Fats

Citrus Herb Chicken

408 Calories, 59g Protein, 34g Carbs, 4g Fats

Egg White Breakfast Sandwich

581 Calories, 41g Protein, 12g Carbs, 41g Fats