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Seasonal Eating – Don’t Miss Out on the Finest of the Summer

Seasonal Eating – Don’t Miss Out on the Finest of the Summer

Seasonal eating is economical and good for the environment. It is a way to feed into our body’s cravings and achieve nutritional balance while naturally supporting the immune system. There is a reason that apples taste better in the fall, or that you crave citrus in the winter months. These items are in season during this specific time, and their flavor is at the peak.

In the summer months, fresh berries, cucumbers, squash, bell peppers, radishes, melons, apricots, tomatoes, and peaches are easy to find in local farmers’ markets. These foods are filled with water and serve as nature’s way of hydrating you through the heat of the summer.

Fresh Meal Plan offers seasonal menus that our customers delight in, making meal prep easy and fun! These fresh ingredients are organic and locally sourced whenever possible and provide the rich nutrients needed to fuel your body. Seasonal eating has been linked to better nutrition because it allows for fruits and vegetables to be picked when they are ripe, instead of ripening as they are shipped. Seasonal and local foods are also richer in flavor. This way of eating has been the norm for many generations before us, as shipping was not available and home gardens were the only convenient way to receive fresh fruits and vegetables.

You will find our current summer menu packed with arugula and carrots, adding berries and cherries as highlights. Lemon and lime flavors are fused into many of our summer meat and fish options, giving you light tastes that sound appealing on even the hottest of summer days.

Try Fresh Meal Plan today and get the best of our summer offerings, before we switch to pumpkins, broccoli and fall flavors. All of our meal plans allow you to chose from a variety of eating options such as Paleo, Keto, and vegan. You can also choose across meal plans, and leave us with a list of dislikes, to create the perfect offering for you. Visit our website today to see this week’s menus, because as much as we want it to be, summer isn’t endless! Sign up for Fresh meal plan meal delivery service today!

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