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Top Three Reasons To Start Your New Year’s Resolution Early

Top Three Reasons To Start Your New Year’s Resolution Early

One of the most popular declarations people tend to make after the clock strikes midnight on January 1st is to lose weight, eat healthier, and/or exercise more. So it may not come as a shock that a whopping 92 percent of New Year's goals fail by January 15th. Chances for success are increased when New Year’s resolutions are started early--especially the ones involving health or fitness.

Don’t wait until January when the gyms are crowded and you’ve already gained all the holiday weight to make health/fitness resolutions. Here are a few reasons why starting your New Year’s resolution early is a smart idea.

There’s so much you can accomplish before the New Year.

There’s a popular question sitting under many Instagram vacation photos and the like: If not now, when? To put it simply, you should not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Yikes! Getting lost in a cliché vortex, but you get the drift.

Postponing your goals for a later time opens the door for too many variables. While you are losing precious time planning to be great, greatness is being snatched by other people who understand that time is the most valuable commodity that is spent to manifest goals. If you consider how much you can get done between now and the new year, you would see the immeasurable value in adopting a healthier lifestyle, eating more fruits and vegetables, and developing a committed relationship with gym equipment NOW.

You determine when the right time is the right time.

For many people, they see the New Year as a prophetic sign that they can now begin to pursue their goals or start their life anew. Right now can be the right time, if you so choose. Waiting for an event to determine your outcome is more likely to derail your plans than accelerate them.

The most successful people will tell you that their greatest accomplishments came when they decided to just go for it. Plus, if you start now, you can use the New Year to reevaluate and assess your progress.

Avoid the added pressure.

Extremely high standards are common among people who make their New Year’s resolutions to accomplish their goals. It has become somewhat of a tradition to make a resolution because it is widely believed that New Year’s Day is incomplete without making declarations to change or improve something for the incoming year. However, by publicly announcing your goals to your friends or family or on Instagram Live, you may feel unnecessarily obligated to proceed with your plans, which can shift your attention from meeting your goals to, instead, avoiding embarrassment or public failure.

By starting now, you can increase your chances of being part of the 8% of people who stick to their New Year’s resolution -- while avoiding the disappointment and stress that comes with being part of the other 92% who don’t follow through.

Everyone wants to be able to look at themselves in the mirror on Dec. 31st knowing they stuck to the promises they made for the year. Start your New Year’s resolution today and declare it as your chance for a new beginning. You’ll be glad you did!

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