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The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

It’s everywhere these days… the term intermittent fasting. Very simply defined by Webster’s Dictionary, intermittent means happening sporadically or irregularly. Fasting means abstaining from food for a short time, typically during religious practices. Put together, intermittent fasting is a pattern of cycling between periods of eating and fasting to achieve health and weight loss benefits. There are a variety of patterns that people observe, each with their own goal – taking your body make-up into account.

It is important to remember that there are a variety of different diets, each with their own benefits. Talk with your doctor or nutritionist to find the best plan for you. Fresh Meal Plan offers a variety of meal plans including Keto, Paleo, and vegan, each designed to meet a specific need. Our customers are also able to purchase across plans to create a well-rounded diet packed with nutrition.

Intermittent fasting is scientifically proven to change the body on a cellular level. The process can also help you shed extra weight and flatten the abdominal area. The cellular repair that takes place changes hormone levels allowing for stored body fat to become more accessible. Intermittent fasting also drops insulin levels, further facilitating fat burning, while increasing levels of growth hormone, which supports muscle gain.

Waste removal and complete cellular repair can be achieved through a strict intermittent fasting plan, thus opening the door for the genes and molecules that promote longevity and disease prevention to become activated. Many studies have also found that intermittent fasting can enhance your body’s resistance to oxidative stress, which plays a huge part in additional detoxification efforts. Oxidative stress is a key component in chronic diseases and aging.

Finally, intermittent fasting can be beneficial for heart health. Heart disease is currently the largest killer worldwide. Intermittent fasting helps to improve upon several different risk factors for heart health by lowering blood sugar, total LDL cholesterol, and inflammatory markers within the circulatory system.

Fresh Meal Plan is available to help you stick with your diet goals by providing a variety of meals delivered straight to your door. We take the work out of meal prep and make it easy for you! Visit our website to learn more and to find the right plan for you needs.

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