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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Try Paleo

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Try Paleo

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Try Paleo

By now, you have probably concluded that there is no perfect diet that fits everyone. The same can be said about the paleo diet. What is the paleo diet? Put simply, the paleo diet replaces modern food loaded with sugars, fats, and processed products with healthy proteins, fruits and vegetables loaded with naturally-derived vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Chances are if you clicked on this blog, you are looking for reasons to try this much talked-about diet to see if it is workable for you. For your consideration, here are 5 reasons you should try paleo.

1. Paleo is the healthiest and freshest diet. Ever.
Eating paleo is a journey to the past. The diet promotes eating the foods that the first humans ate; in fact, it’s where it gets its name and is also known as the caveman diet. Paleo diets consist of real, whole foods which automatically eliminates a long list of preservatives, bad sugars, high levels of sodium, artificial flavouring and so much more. The food not only tastes better, but you protect your body from unnecessary toxins.

2. Paleo helps you heal.
It is estimated that 50 million Americans are affected with autoimmune diseases. These diseases have been directly linked with our food choices. Many experts believe paleo is a powerful strategy that uses diet and lifestyle to regulate the immune system, putting an end to autoimmune diseases and giving the body the opportunity to heal.

3. Paleo eliminate toxins.
People on a paleo diet are aware of food toxins such as gluten, lectins, and phytic acid. They all are harmful components of the modern diet and you should prevent consumption of them whenever possible. Although eating toxins is not the only way to ingest them, a paleo diet is a great line of defense for preventing exposure.

4. Paleo increases your nutrient intake.
Paleo eliminates nutrient-void processed carbs. By adding tons of vegetables, nuts, fruits and healthy fats, you increase your intake of minerals and vitamins. Your diet becomes even more balanced when you combine that with the improved gut health and increased nutrient absorption, which occurs when you remove irritating grains and legumes.

5. Paleo sustains weight loss.
Paleo is well-known for helping people experience significant weight loss. It’s high in proteins and low in carbs; plus, it totally eliminates processed foods and added sugars, which aid in improved metabolic processes and gut health. The amazing variety of nutrient-dense food you will eat on a paleo diet is the driving force behind weight loss.

Different people try paleo for different reasons, resulting in experiences that vary. Overall, many report changes in their bodies, mood and energy levels. If you’re ready to give the paleo diet a try, sign up for our Paleo meal plan and get the right foods delivered directly to your door.

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