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Asian Jerk Beefless Tips

583 Calories, 37g Protein, 84g Carbs, 11g Fats

BBQ Jackfuit

594 Calories, 23g Protein, 112g Carbs, 6g Fats

Chickn Nuggets with Mac and Cheese

396 Calories, 28g Protein, 44g Carbs, 12g Fats

Eggless Egg Patty and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

389 Calories, 28g Protein, 31g Carbs, 17g Fats

Overnight Oats

393 Calories, 11g Protein, 76g Carbs, 5g Fats

Plant-Based Burger

591 Calories, 29g Protein, 58g Carbs, 27g Fats