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Webinars: A Dose of Inspiration

Stay on Track with Your Health & Fitness Goals

Whether you’re just getting started on your health and wellness journey or are looking to deepen your knowledge, our summer webinar series allows you to learn from nationally recognized experts in fitness and nutrition right from your computer. Join us as we explore topics from diet and nutrition to the importance of gut health.

Glen Tobias, MS, RDN, CSSD Sports Performance Nutritionist

Glen Tobias

MS, RDN, CSSD Sports Performance Nutritionist

“Healthy Weight Management” with Sports Performance Dietitian Glen Tobias - an overview on what you can do to maintain, not gain, weight the wholesome, nutritious way.

Dr. Brian Thornburg, DO of Thornburg Pediatrics and Thornburg Wellness

Dr. Brian Thornburg


“Gut Health and Why it Matters” with Dr. Brian Thornburg of Thornburg Pediatrics and Thornburg Wellness. Thornburg will discuss the correlation to what is happening within our gut, the dynamics of healthy bacteria and what we can do in our daily lives to improve our bodies from the inside out.

Marc Elkman, Founder and CEO of Fresh Meal Plan

Marc Elkman

Founder and CEO of Fresh Meal Plan

Founder and CEO of Fresh Meal Plan and lifelong fitness and nutrition enthusiast, Elkman will discuss the correlation between the power of food from a Ketogenic diet and success with weight management and overall fitness.

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