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Weight Training VS Cardiovascular Training

Weight Training VS Cardiovascular Training

With a goal of losing weight, many Americans ask the same question: would weight training or cardiovascular training be more effective? The answer is easy – it’s both! Cardiovascular training and targeted HIIT workouts do burn more calories, which is key to weight loss, but weight training has benefits beyond immediate calorie loss including elevating resting metabolism. This benefit allows your body to continue burning calories for hours or days after the initial workout.

The American College of Sports Medicine has published a variety of recommendations for weight loss and exercise, and their answer is definitive. For the most benefit, vary your workout to achieve maximum results.

Exercise, however, should not be your only targeted change for weight loss and wellness. Healthy eating is just as important as exercise in increasing your body’s ability to lose weight and keep it off.  When you are just starting with a healthy eating plan, food delivery can be a key component to your success.

Fresh Meal Plan offers weekly nationwide delivery service with a wide variety of options. From paleo and keto menus to vegan and traditional offerings, each meal is packed with nutrients to help keep you powered through the day. Meals are sealed with Vacufresh technology allowing them to stay fresh (with refrigeration) for up to two weeks. Microwave-safe, recyclable plastic containers are shipped in special thermal packaging to ensure your delivery arrives fresh. Our Fresh Meal Plan members receive an insulated cooler bag for regular deliveries as well as recyclable ice packs. All you have to do is heat and eat!

It’s easy to manage your Fresh Meal Plan account online, allowing you to add snacks or breakfast options to your selection, or even freeze your account when you go on vacation.

If meal planning and prep are derailing your summer fitness success, try Fresh Meal Plan. Our weekly menus start at $109, and every option is fresh, healthy, and targeted to your fitness goals. Start eating healthy now and realize the wellness benefits for years to come!

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