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What is the Keto plan? A closer look at ketogenic menus and meal plans

What is the Keto plan?  A closer look at ketogenic menus and meal plans

Ketogenic eating is a diet trend that eliminates consumption of carbohydrates and sugars in order to stop the blood sugar from spiking. This allows the body enter a state called ketosis, a process in which the body burns fat for energy because it does not have enough carbohydrates to burn instead.

When you eat carbohydrates, your body breaks them down and turns them into glucose or sugar.  As that sugar enters the bloodstream and the body releases insulin, a hormone that signals your cells to absorb the sugar for energy or store it for future use. White foods such as bread, pasta, rice and sugary foods can cause rapid and dramatic spikes in blood sugar, signaling insulin release. Over time, your body may lose the ability to produce enough insulin to fight high blood sugar levels.  This can lead to Type 2 diabetes and other dangerous chronic illnesses.

Fruits and vegetables do contain carbohydrates that can impact the body’s blood sugar levels, but they are a healthier option than highly-refined breads, pastas and sweets.  Fruits and vegetables also contain important fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Simply put, the ketogenic nutrition plan is all about low carbohydrate intake and avoiding highly-processed foods. A keto diet is a very strict low-carb diet that allows for the consumption of less than 20 grams of net carbs each day. The keto diet tends to be highly effective method of weight loss when followed correctly.

Many claim that a ketogenic strict diet plan can revolutionize your body and your overall health from the inside out by dramatically boosting energy and helping you to shed unwanted pounds. And ketogenic meals keep you full and satisfied after each meal.


What is ketosis?

The ketogenic eating planintentionally starves the body of carbohydrates in order to encourage ketosis, which is a natural process the body undergoes when deprived of foods. Instead of starving the body of all calories (an unrealistic and dangerous option!), the ketogenic nutrition plan diet starves the body of carbohydrates and overloads it with fats to trigger the desired metabolic state. When you follow a keto meal plan and do not consume carbohydrates for several days, your body stops using the sugar – called glycogen – in your liver and muscles as energy, because those stores have been depleted. Instead, you will begin producing ketones from you liver which will be used as fuel for your body. This leads to overall better body health and increased weight loss, as well.

Many people wonder if they will be able to tell when their body is in ketosis.  The easiest way to confirm ketosis is using a blood test meter. But one other way that many have detected and confirmed ketosis is by their body odor or an odd taste in their mouth. Ketosis can cause something called “keto breath,” which produces a distinct taste and odor in the mouth that is different from ordinary “bad breath”.  Some people say that they experience a metallic taste in the mouth. Keto breath and keto related body odor can smell like fruit or may even smell similar to nail polish remover.

It is important to note that for people with diabetes, ketosis can trigger a very dangerous condition called ketoacidosis. This a condition that occurs when the body stores up too many ketones.  When this happens, the blood becomes too acidic, which can damage the liver, kidneys and brain.  Ketoacidosis can be fatal. 

Other potential ketogenic eating plan side effects could include osteoporosis, constipation, high cholesterol, kidney stones or increased uric acid levels which can lead to gout.  So if you are considering trying out the keto diet, it is critical to consult with your doctor before beginning the eating plan, just to make sure keto is right for you.


Where did the ketogenic eating plan come from?

The ketogenic diet began as a dietary therapy used to reproduce the success and remove the limitations of the non-mainstream use of fasting to treat epilepsy. This treatment protocol was popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s but fell out of favor as anticonvulsant drugs became used more often to help epilepsy patients control their seizures.  Some doctors still utilize this eating plan as part of the treatment plan for epilepsy patients, especially with children. Some claim that ketosis leads to a reduction in frequency of epileptic seizures. Over time, others discovered that the eating plan had additional health and weight loss benefits for others beyond those suffering with epilepsy.


What does a keto meal look like?

There are a wide variety of keto meal plans and ketogenic menus available today on the Internet or in cookbooks.  But it can be hard to wrap your head around exactly what a meal plan for ketogenic eating looks like.  Keto followers choose not to eat carbohydrates and sugars, but that does not mean keto meals are tasteless and bland. There are many colorful, tasty keto meal plans available that feature healthy, balanced food with a wide variety of flavors. Take a look at these sample keto menu options. All meals listed below – when correctly prepared – contain a correct ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats but are keto eating plan approved.

A keto diet does not mean that breakfast has to be boring! There are many delicious and healthful options including:

  • Chicken chili and egg scramble bowl with fresh tomatoes, zesty jalapenos, chopped onions and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese.
  •  Shrimp and crab seafood medley accompanied by steamed asparagus and poached eggs topped with velvety hollandaise sauce and tasty fresh herbs.
  • Black forest ham topped with fried eggs, cheddar cheese, red sliced tomato and chopped fresh herbs.
  • Philly cheese steak omelet featuring eggs, creamy mozzarella cheese, onions, fresh mushrooms, tender sirloin steak and mild peppers.

And let’s not forget about the rest of the day. These meals would be good for lunch, dinner, or maybe even a midnight snack: 

  • BBQ pork chops accompanied by seasoned collard greens cooked with bacon and fresh cabbage slaw with vinegar and mayonnaise dressing.
  • Ground turkey meatball and pork sausage combo served over spaghetti squash and green beans with herb-infused tomato sauce.
  • Thai chicken tossed with sriracha sauce and peanut curry sauce accompanied by fresh bok choy, sliced peppers and crisp snow peas, topped with cashews.
  • Beef taco salad combining seasoned ground beef, fresh lettuce, tasty olives, smooth sour cream, ripe tomatoes, decadent avocadoes, shredded cheese and fresh cilantro.


How long should I follow a ketogenic diet?

The first several weeks you are following the keto eating plan, you are in the ketogenic adaptation phase. Your body is adjusting and recalibrating and learning how to focus on fat as an energy source instead of seeking glucose or carbohydrates.   In order to see weight loss results from the ketogenic diet, the eating plan should be followed for a minimum of three months. Some health experts say that you should not follow a high-fat, keto diet forever, but most agree that you should stay on a strict keto eating plan for at least six months before slowly reintroducing other foods back into your diet.


How often should I eat on a ketogenic diet?

Everyone is different. You may be combining the ketogenic eating plan with intermittent fasting or have other schedule needs or health concerns that require you to eat at certain times of day. With any eating plan, it is important to eat when you are hungry and stop eating as soon as you are satiated.  It is important to not let yourself get too hungry in between meals, because if you do, you will overeat later.  The keto diet contains a lot of healthy fat, and fat can be quite satisfying, so if you follow the diet plan as outlined, you should find yourself comfortable and content in between meals.


How much water should I drink on the keto diet?

Ketosis may cause some keto eating plan followers to feel thirstier than usual.  This can be a side effect of water loss or the body’s overall detoxification during ketosis.  High levels of ketones in the body can lead to dehydration and even an electrolyte imbalance, so it is important to drink plenty of water and monitor how you are feeling while following the ketogenic diet.   Many health experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water each day, but it is important to pay attention to how you feel, to drink before you feel thirsty and to monitor your body for any unusual symptoms or alarming signs of dehydration.


Going keto? A meal delivery service might be right for you.

The ultimate in time-saving convenience, Fresh Meal Plan offers fully-prepared and healthy meals that are delivered right to your door at a time that is convenient for your busy, active lifestyle. Meals arrive chilled in insulated packaging, for easy transfer to your refrigerator. When it’s time to eat, just heat and enjoy!

Fresh Meal Plan’s ketogenic meals avoid unhealthy, fatty foods and instead focus on good fats, such as avocadoes and fish, lean protein and copious amount of leafy greens and other low-carb vegetables. With an average calorie count of 500 to 600 per meal, the Fresh Meal Plan Ketogenic meal plan is 70 percent healthy fat, 20 to 25 percent lean protein and 5 percent healthy carbohydrates.


With a meal delivery service, keto eating doesn’t have to be complicated. Fresh Meal Plan specializes in carefully-researched meals that fit with some of today’s most popular eating plans – including keto! This means you won’t have to go through the process of reading labels at the grocery store or doing research online. The ingredients in Fresh Meal Plan keto meals mean that the food you receive is guaranteed to fit your dietary needs – no need for second-guessing. And these custom-crafted meals are reviewed by nutrition experts to ensure that they contain the nutrients you need and none of the ingredients you’re trying to avoid.


Whether you are seeking keto meal solutions or are exploring the world of paleo or vegan eating, there are meal delivery solutions available for you, which takes the stress out of ensuring that all ingredients are meal plan compliant. Imagine vegan meal delivery straight to your door such as apple walnut pancakes, sweet potato grain bowl, Kung Pao vegetables with rice noodles, Tuscan pasta or picadillo…all perfectly portioned and completely vegan. Or what about paleo meal delivery straight to your door featuring meals such as biscuits and gravy, Tex Mex scramble, island pork tenderloin, grilled rosemary pork, turkey chili or cinnamon pancakes? And what about keto meal delivery of delicious, fully-prepared foods such as Mediterranean breakfast roll up, fresh sausage breakfast casserole, pistachio chicken zucchini, chicken Milanese, sweet and sour turkey meatballs and more. Forget the complicated grocery lists and the expansive list of meals for dinner…meal delivery services have a variety of healthy and delicious options that are all eating plan compliant.

Research indicates that roughly 75 percent of a person’s fitness gains are attributed to what they eat.  When you use a meal delivery service to provide some or all of your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack foods, you have automatic portion control with your meals, and depending upon your chosen meal plan, you will enjoy foods that are not only delicious, but nutrient dense and tailored for a specific kind of eating plan.  Whether you enjoy traditional foods, or paleo, keto, vegan or other eating plans, meal delivery services can help you achieve your weight loss and health improvement goals. And many meal delivery service options list individual meal calories and grams of macronutrients like protein, fat and carbohydrates on their website when you order, ensuring that you know exact what you’re getting with each portion of food.

Meal delivery boxes allow you to try a wide variety of unique foods that you might not otherwise taste.  All meal delivery services publish their current menu from which you can select foods. Meal delivery services offer a variety of selections each week, and most services rotate menus periodically so customers have the opportunity to try different meals within each offered eating plan. Ingredients for each meal are listed, so you know exactly what you’re getting with each meal you order. Meal delivery services include healthy and delicious options like Moroccan chicken stew, chicken jambalaya, Argentine steak, bison burger, lemon dill roasted salmon, chicken ratatouille, vegetable and bacon fritters, pina colada overnight oats, jackfruit and guava, eggplant roulade and so much more.  Most meal delivery services allow you to customize menus to your taste, and it’s nice to have the opportunity to add fun, new food options to your weekly delivery.  Some services offer vegan, keto, paleo and other meal plan-specific foods for variety eating plans and dietary concerns. This is also helpful if your family members prefer different foods or a different eating plan that you do…meal delivery services offer you the opportunity to order different foods for different members of your household…so everyone is fed and happy.

Making healthier food choices can be time consuming and overwhelming when you consider all of the hours that can be spent researching the latest methods and best practices for healthy eating. But delegating some or all of your food budget to a meal delivery service instead of traditional grocery shopping, online grocery orders, fast food runs or the convenient nearby vending machine, you will be making better food choices overall.  Most meal delivery services feature a variety of very healthy food choices that have been carefully researched by chefs and teams of nutrition experts. Whether you opting for a specialized eating plan – like a lean and mean high protein plan designed for body builders and those who exercise very frequently – or you’ve chosen a more traditional eating plan, these pre-prepared and delivered meals available through meal services frequently feature fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, grains and quality meats, which means better and healthier food options than the foods available via the local fast-food drive thru. Complete meal delivery service meals mean that your meals contain the essential nutrients that your body needs.  Carefully portioned protein, fats and carbs can help you burn calories more efficiently and help you build muscle. Meal delivery service chefs and nutrition gurus have perfected the finer points healthy eating and fit lifestyles, and you can benefit from their expertise.

Fresh Meal Plan menus – whether Keto, Paleo, vegan or traditional – have been created by our five-star gourmet chef and co-founder.  And all meals have been carefully crafted with your health in mind.  Fresh Meal Plan uses the finest, freshest, farm-to-table ingredients. All dishes are thoughtfully prepared to meet your dietary needs, and are designed to look beautiful, taste amazing and fuel your body.

Fresh Meal Plan also allows clients to choose across meal plans, giving you the option to add more keto items into your rotation while still including animal protein options from other plans, if desired. Our keto meals are low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats and contain a moderate amount of protein, prompting your body to use fat for fuel.

Use Fresh Meal Plan’s meal solutions to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.  We offer meals featuring only the highest quality ingredients and we have multiple plans to choose from. We believe that you matter, and that every meal matters, too. Clean eating means more plants, and clean eating without the added stress of meal prep means Fresh Meal Plan. Try our keto meal plan today!

Are you interested in seeing what kinds of keto and other foods Fresh Meal Plan has to offer? Explore our menu options today! Are you ready to schedule your first delivery? Sign up now!

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