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You need a meal delivery service to make your life easier!

You need a meal delivery service to make your life easier!

Life is busy. To-do lists are long. Eating healthy is so important, but meal prep takes time.  There are a lot of meal delivery service options that provide a kit of tasty ingredients that allow you to prepare a healthy meal…but what if there was an easier way? An even better time-saving solution?

Forget the planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning…Fresh Meal Plan does all the work for you. Delivering fully-prepared, healthy meals from your choice of menu plans straight to your door, Fresh Meal Plan saves you time while providing delicious and healthy meal options to suit your lifestyle and schedule.

According to the USDA, Americans spend more than 35 minutes a day preparing meals.  That number is slightly lower for younger adults, and significantly higher for those over 65.

Even for those who enjoy cooking and meal prep, busy schedules sometimes simply don’t allow us to spend the time in the kitchen needed to prepare healthy meals.  And if you’re following a specific eating plan, such as paleo, keto or vegan, meal prep can be even more complicated and time-consuming.

So why do you need a meal delivery service?


  •        With a complete meal delivery service, food arrives cooked and ready to eat.
  •        Customized menus allow you to easily select from paleo, keto, vegan or other meal options.
  •        Meals are delivered to your door at a time you select, based on your schedule.
  •        Meals arrived chilled in insulated packaging. Stow in refrigerator and enjoy as your schedule requires.
  •        Enjoy more time in your day doing what matters most, such as spending time with the family or going to the gym.


Fresh Meal Plan fully prepared meals make healthy eating easy.  Fresh Meal Plan’ s complete meal solutions help you add some precious time back into your day for the things that matter most.

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